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Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center Reviews

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They are Great!

I have been seeing Chiro health for a while now. The Drs and staff are great. I consider Dr. Cindy or Dr. Londa more my primary physician. They work with your whole body inside and out. If you only have one spine you need to take care of it.
– Suzanne S.

Excellent Care

Thanks to Chiro Health, my own health has improved greater than 100%. Dr. Cindy and Dr. Londa are very knowledgeable, and Dr. Cindy has taken the time to provide me with not only excellent care, but the “tools” to use between appointments to help me with my specific needs.
– Candy R

Chiropractic Healed Me

I love the ENTIRE staff at Chiro-Health, you feel like family and that is so appreciated. My life before Chiro-Health and Dr. Cindy was filled with pain and medication. Other doctors only gave me band aids but chiropractic care actually healed me. I no longer have to take medication simply to make it through the day. In addition, my daughters have grown up on chiropractic and when they aren’t feeling quite up to snuff, they think of Chiro-Health and Dr. Cindy first, no Mom could be happier! You guys rock!
– Paula H

Proactive Approach

I love the proactive approach to health and that is what chiropractic care does for me. It is rare that I get sick and I know it is because of my maintenance tune-ups I get every two weeks. I also used to suffer from shoulder/back spasms quite often before I turned to Chiro-Health. I rarely have those anymore either…and when I do? Well it is because of my regular visits to they heal much faster. Dr. Cindy and the staff are all exceptional and it always makes my day when I get to visit! Thank you for all you do! Love all of you!
– Barbara T

Wonderful Doctors and Staff

First, the staff is wonderful; they always make me smile. And the doctors are fantastic women too. They are making me feel better and do a wonderful job explaining and showing me what’s exactly wrong with me and what I can do to improve. They’ve also helped me make other important decisions with my pain doctor. Thank you so, so very much!
– Nicole K

Chiropractic Has been Amazing!

When I was a freshman, I was involved in a car accident which resulted in neck/muscle injuries. I had severe pain and could not turn my head properly. Then my mother forced me to try chiropractic, which turns out to be the most amazing thing I could of done for my neck and just daily wears and tears. I am so thankful for everyone here and my son adores you all. Also at the age of 2, my son LOVES being adjusted, gets up on the table lays down and practices. We love seeing all of you! Chiropractic has changed our lives so much and can’t say thank you enough.
– Bobbie S

Completely Changed My Life

Chiropractic health has completely changed my life. My body feels great, I have more energy, I feel less stressed, and I rarely get headaches (which is unheard of for me). It truly has become a part of who I am…I feel like I can’t live life without it. I highly recommend it to all my friends, family, nurse buddies, and doctors. Thank you for all you do here at Chiro-Health. You truly are all amazing.
– Angie L

Preventative Approach to Migraines

I use chiropractic care as a preventative approach to my health care. Chiropractic care has helped with preventing migraines, which if you know anything about, migraines are headaches to be avoided at all costs! I also believe in chiropractic health care because it keeps the “communication” lines in the body open and work in in full force. As a mom of two active boys, I can’t afford a “communication” break down!
– Kimberly H

Caring Staff

Since my sister is a Chiropractor I have long known the benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Cindy is extra special. She’s the best and I’ve had three other chiropractors in my life. She was wonderfully gentle with my 91 year old father. She’s great about answering questions and gives good advice! The entire staff seems to have a great relationships with both Dr. Cindy and each other. It sure helps my sinuses, too!
– Jane L

Friendly & Helpful Staff

First the Doctors and staff are friendly and so helpful. They become more than care givers. They become family. I always feel better physically and mentally when I come on a regular basis. I get less colds, which makes me less irritable and happy to be around. I also miss less work and outings with family and friends. There is always a wealth of information to be learned about natural healing.
– Jody H

Overall Health Improvement

Amy K- Where do I start? Chiropractic care has helped improve my overall immune system, allergies, stress levels, desire to get fit and exercise, and most of all- keep my spine in line! Plus- I look forward to seeing the most amazing doctor and her wonderful staff! Chiropractic care = positivity!
-Amy K

Improved Quality of Life

Chiropractic care here improved my quality of life. I suffered from migraines for years with no relief other than medication. Today the headaches are far and few between because of Chiro-Health. I have also learned to be more area of my body. Chiropractic care is a healthy alternative to healing the body. Chiro-Health makes me well in body, mind, and spirit. It also has a lot to do with the wonderful empowering staff.

Life-Long Chiropractic Patient

Dear Dr. Munson, You have been such a blessing to me over the past 10.5 years. We’ve moved 6 times in the last 40 years and I can truly say we have never been to a chiropractor as Great as Chiro-Health. The first time I came into this office I was on crutches because my back hurt so badly. After your adjustment I walked out and John carried my crutches. You have been here for me through so much and from my breast cancer to my hysterectomy. I feel I healed quickly because of your adjustments. And I can’t say enough about Sharon, Rhonda, and Shanna. You are always so friendly and concerned about how I was feeling. I feel this quote says it all- ” Some people come into our lives and quietly go, others stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.: This is how I feel about all of you. You’ve left that footprint on my heart and I will never be the same. May God bless you always.
– Jan S

Improved Physical Health

The chiropractic care that I have received from the Chiro-Health team has been amazing. My back pain is better and the pain in my neck has lessened considerably- especially if I do the exercises Dr. Cindy gave me. In addition to my improved physical health, I have experienced improved psychological , emotional, and a wonderful change in my mood. The entire staff has been so helpful, kind, and fun to be around. You are all a great blessing in my life and best of all, you’ve all become my new “young friends”. Little did I know when I made that first call for an appointment that so many great things would change in my life…even helping me get through my assault. You all are the best. Love and God’s blessings always.
– Sandy J

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