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Prenatal Chiropractic

Experience a Better Pregnancy

Dr. Cindy adjusting pregnant momSafe, gentle chiropractic care is an essential part of prenatal care for all women. It’s been our experience that those women who elect to make regular adjustments a part of their pregnancy experience gain the following advantages:

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • An optimal internal environment for the developing little one
  • Decreased need for pain medications and interventions during labor
  • Increased energy
  • Easier, faster labor and delivery
  • Less constipation and heartburn
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Relief from sciatica, back and neck pain

The Webster Technique

The field of obstetrics has determined that the correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects the birth outcome. Proper positioning also decreases the potential for undue stress on the baby’s developing spine and nervous system. Recent research also demonstrates that specific chiropractic approaches, such as the Webster Technique, help the pelvic floor to relax, ensuring an easier exit for the baby through the birth canal.

The Webster Technique involves a specific analysis of the pelvis, with emphasis on the positioning of the sacrum and sacroiliac joints during pregnancy. This technique, along with traditional techniques such as Thompson Drop Table, Diversified and Logan Basic, helps our moms-to-be to experience the birth plan they were hoping to have.

We also use specially designed tables which allow our expectant mothers to lie facedown during care, with pregnancy pillows tucked all around. The end result is not only a comfortable and effective treatment, but an enjoyable one as well.

Your Pregnancy Care Starts Now

If you discovered that you’re pregnant, the time to start care is now. Our prenatal patients have regular care throughout their pregnancy and after delivery to ensure the stability of the pelvis, to help maximize the integrity of the sacral ligaments and overall neurological function.

Our doctors will also help you put together your birth team of other providers in our community to support you on your birthing journey. We work closely with area OB’s, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, doulas and much more.


Because Dr. Cindy and Dr. Londa are incredibly caring and compassionate women, their female patients find it easy and comfortable to share their problems and extend their trust. Are you interested in an optimal pregnancy? We can help. Contact us today!

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