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Meet the Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center Team

Office Staff

Rhonda Kuhlow

Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center Office Manager, Rhonda Kuhlow“It is my goal to approach each and every day with a positive attitude full of love and gratitude for each and every one of the patients we are blessed to care for.” I grew up in a very large family in the great outdoors of Idaho. We were raised with a strong faith and a healthy lifestyle using many natural approaches to maintaining our health. Life took me from Idaho to Texas and then brought us here to Wisconsin where we chose Plymouth, to put down our roots. 28 years later I still love the “everyone knows everyone” vibe in this beautiful little community.

My amazing husband and I live just west of Plymouth, carrying on the traditional country living of our roots. Our 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren live locally and all are under Chiropractic care. I love being right where I am. My family is my happiest place however working with our team here at Chiro-Health is my passion.

Before teaming up with Dr. Cindy, I worked in the nursing field. It broke my heart to watch people struggle with their health knowing there was a better way to return to a healthy balanced state of living and achieve their long term goals. Chiropractic is a life changer for all ages. I love seeing the miracles that happen here on a daily basis. From health being restored, babies turning in the womb, to healthy children with minimal childhood sickness. Every miracle is a blessing for each of us..

Patients walk through our doors from all avenues of life and we get to “love them up” with compassion, laughter and giggles sprinkled through our day.

It’s not work here, it’s our passion. Its’ what we do , it’s who we are, it’s our ripple of love!!

Sharon Zwerg

Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center Chiropractic Assistant, Sharon ZwergBorn and raised in Sheboygan County and now a resident in Plymouth for many years. Married for over 30 years and blessed with “bonus” children and grandchildren. My husband Larry is recently retired, lending us the flexibility of more play time together. I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading, organizing and my new discovery of “just being”. Through life’s curve balls, I have come to realize the importance of appreciating life’s precious moments.

My story began in the early 80’s, strictly an acute chiropractic patient for back pain. I never really understood the importance of regular chiropractic care until I found Chiro-Health. No one educates like the docs in our office! Chiropractic is so much more than just bones, it’s about your whole being! With regular chiropractic care, dietary changes and exercise, I now feel better than I have in decades. It’s now my privilege to help others discover their wellness.

I’ve been part of the Chiro-Health family since 2001. It’s a safe haven for many, a place where you know you’re heard and where the echoes of laughter leave you smiling. I love what I do and it’s a blessing to serve others and be part of their journey.

Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center Chiropractic Assistant, Shanna Fedler

Shanna Fedler

Shanna Fedler is a fun, family oriented Chiropractic Technician. She was born and raised here in Plymouth! Although she now lives in Sheboygan Falls, Plymouth remains ‘home’ to her. It was her family that referred her to Chiro-Health and that is when her journey with Chiropractic began! Shanna completed the Therapy Certification class at Moraine Park and loves learning more about health and wellness topics to continue to educate herself. She has been a part of the Chiro-Health Team since 2011 and she enjoys administering patient therapies, verifying insurance, doing patient scheduling and assisting in projects for the office. Outside of the office, Shanna can be found with her husband, Scott and their son, Landon, camping, cruising around in their cars or relaxing with friends.


Pam Thielman

I have been a Chiro-Health patient for almost 15 years, and from the moment I stepped through the door, I was impacted in an amazingly positive way. My family has benefited from chiropractic care during many stages of life, including pregnancy and childbirth, early childhood and beyond.

Everyone on the Chiro-Health team has taught me so much about living a healthy lifestyle, and I am honored to be able to pay that forward as a Chiropractic Technician and Design and Marketing Specialist.

My husband and myself have lived in Plymouth for about 15 years, and we have 2 young kids who keep us busy on outdoor adventures. I also love to read and enjoy an active lifestyle during my free time.

Massage Therapist


Vicki Losson

I discovered chiropractic care after going over the handlebars of my bicycle almost 20 years ago.  The same incident introduced me to massage therapy for more than simple relaxation.  Working together, the chiropractor and massage therapist had me pain free and able to work and be a mom in a few visits.  That opened my eyes to the importance of wellness care.  I’ve been taking advantage of chiropractic care for myself and my family ever since.

I spent 27 years as a licensed insurance agent before I took the leap into massage therapy.  I wanted the opportunity to help people better understand the constant stress of our modern, fast paced life and find relief.  As a massage therapist, I get to come along side people from all walks of life and share tools for relaxation, while working to relieve tight muscles and other soft tissue disfunction.

I grew up in Plymouth, left for 10 years, and came back to raise my family.  My husband and I have 3 sons, 1 daughter in law, and 2 granddaughters. We enjoy travel, are involved in our church, and love to cook for family and friends.


Our Practice Team

We are proud of our fantastic “Chiro-Team!” We continue to strive to serve you better each day and help you reach your highest potential! Contact us today to learn how we can help you!


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