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I Was So Thankful

Finding out your child is not well is a parentís most horrific nightmare, but my nightmare was made a little less horrific because of Cindy Munson. Four years ago my 14-year old daughter was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. Within minutes our life became a whirlwind of appointments, doctors, insurance, researching, opinions, and options. It was my dad and Cindy Munson who told us about Dr. Brian Dovorany Ė a chiropractor in Green Bay who specializes in scoliosis. My dad had learned about him from his own chiropractor. At the same time Cindy was attending a conference in Chicago and also heard about him. Perhaps it was fate, but they both came to us with this information at the same time. Cindy, God bless her, even spent a day with us, traveling to Green Bay to learn more about him. Itís always good to have another set of ears to take in information, but another set of professional ears Ė I was so thankful to have this wonderful lady in our life.

Two weeks of our summer were spent driving to Green Bay every day for intensive treatment. Once again, Cindy was by our side, driving there on her day off to take note of our daughterís treatment when I had questions.

I wish I could say my daughterís scoliosis has been miraculously cured, but thatís not true. The miracle was that we had Cindy in our life to help guide us through this parentís most awful nightmare. An angel on earthóthatís what she is! An angel with brown curly hair, and we are forever grateful and indebted to her!

Lisa Krzyzaniak


Used To Wake Up Feeling Sore

I used to wake up feeling sore, but now I donít feel sore or stiff. My back has never felt better. I started going to chiropractic care in August and now Iím just maintaining a health alignment. I should have started much earlier.

Brad Feick


Made To Feel Extra Special

You are made to feel extra special, that what you are feeling is real, and that everyone here cares! New friendships mean a lot especially when you are accepted for ďyouĒ not what you do. Adjustment gives me a better outlook on my week.

Sue Wood


Everyone At Chiro Health Is Like Family

I Love Chiro Health, Cindy Munson, and her staff! I started with Chiro Health many years ago. It has become part of my life I cannot live without. Everyone at Chiro Health is like family, whatís not to LOVE! Chiro Health has seen me thru migraine headaches, back surgery, and all the everyday ups & downs I put body thru. My body can tell when it needs its four week adjustment. So this is not just about Loving Chiro Health, Itís also a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!

Sharon Fuchs


Keeps My Family And I Healthy

I started receiving Chiropractic care when I was 18. Every year up until then I had gotten strep throat every year! Since seeing a chiro regularly (1x/month) ever since, I have not had strep! Chiropractic has helped my immune system by fighting the flu (only had 2x in the last 12 years!!), has helped my allergies & asthma so I donít rely on an inhaler every day! Chiropractic has also helped me through sciatica, nausea, headaches, and general un-comfortableness during my pregnancies. My son has been seeing a chiro since he was four days old. Heís now four years old. He has only had two ear infections in his whole life and in the last three years he has only seen his peds Dr. once a year for checkups! This is why I love chiropractic. It keeps me and my family healthy. Thank you Dr. Cindy...

Sarah Guttmann


You Get Us Back In Shape

I have been coming here for a long time already and I love the days I get to visit you all! You're always so friendly and make each person feel special to you on each and every visit.

You not only "kink" us back into shape, but you make us feel as though we've made your day as special as you've made ours!

You are a very kind and caring bunch of people.

Deb Prening


"After 14 months of extensive medical care, diagnostic tests, physical therapy,
and seeing other chiropractors, Judy has had miraculous results
under Dr. Munson's care!"


“I Can Now Walk With Little or No Pain”

Before my treatment I could barely walk after a day of work.  Working with Dr. Munson has really helped my condition.  My feet feel better and I feel better all over, I now can walk with little or no pain.  Dr. Munson really knows how to help with everything in making everything feel better – I mean everything!

By William Fabian


You Have Been A Major Aide To My Returning To Good Health

"Dr. Munson and Staff:

It is with great pleasure that I write to you, and thank all of you for the service you provide to the people in the Plymouth area.

I am really happy that I returned to you for the Chiro-Health you administer to one and all. I look forward to my appointments, and the little chit-chat time we can share. Cindy, you have been a major aide to my returning to good health, and it will never be forgotten. May God Bless and Keep you and your entire staff

Healthy, Happy, and full of Love for their fellow man.....

Gerry Brunner"


Restores Our Health and Spirit Once Again

Thank you for your warmth, giggles, hugs, kindness and compassion – it takes all of this to make a person feel complete. Each of you, combined as a team, do this and more!

There are days (sometimes weeks) where we may feel like Humpty Dumpty – but walking thru the doors of Chiro-Health always restores our health and spirit once again. We know with the guidance of your care, we will be “put together” once again!

You guys are the BEST!

Barb and John Techel


Congratulations on your 15 years of service.

Congratulations on your 15 years of service.

You found Plymouth
We found you.
You helped us find each other
We live and love healthier.

Thank you.

            Doctoring that is
            Meant to

Larry & Martha




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